Tanguy Pocquet

composer. developer. performer. 

Tanguy Pocquet

Composer. Developer. Performer.


tidal forms

a series of three miniatures exploring the sonification of tidal data from six towns on the atlantic coast of France, with varying degrees of abstraction

beata viscera & viderunt omnes I

two acousmatic works based on samples of Pérotin’s Beata Viscera and Léonin’s Viderunt Omnes, and electromagnetic recordings captured with a passive magnetic antenna

threaded | spinning | abrading | possibly breaking

in collaboration with Sam Longbottom

a series of interactive installation pieces, all iterations of a single idea. Music for an ensemble of instruments and turntables, working together as one automated system to create delicate and intricate layers of repetitive sounds in which subtle variations in rhythm, timbre, colour and pitch arise unpredictably despite the system’s automated nature

léger écœurement devant l’avenir

a piece for violin and electronics, exploring stasis and repetition

ce que le givre conserve d’une empreinte
& coagulant

a piece for bass clarinet, guitar and viola, and an acousmatic work based on the recordings of that piece